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By Rachel Endsley /Santacruz.org

Photo by @onetravelingsoul

This monarch season is proving to be yet another beauty! Be sure to plan a visit to the Monarch Grove at Natural Bridges State Beach anytime from now, until the end of the year (and possibly as late as mid-February.) Explore on your own or take a weekend tour with docents who will share loads of information about these amazing migrating creatures.


At Natural Bridges State Park, The monarch grove contains eucalyptus trees which are located in a gently sloping canyon, providing the Monarch needed shelter from the wind.

The monarchs typically begin arriving in mid-October and have left by mid-February The park's Monarch Grove provides a temporary home for up to 100,000 Monarchs. From late fall into winter, the Monarchs form a "city in the trees."

Natural Bridges State Park's Monarch Grove has been declared a Natural Preserve, thus protecting these butterflies and their winter habitat from human encroachment or harm. This is the only State Monarch Preserve in California

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